The Bottom Line: Ten Reasons to Use Homeopathy

1. Natural Action.

Homeopathy works by stimulating your body’s natural, potent self-healing capabilities to promote health and to enable our bodies to resist infection and susceptibility to disease. Homeopathy is gentle and subtle in its action, but the results are powerful and long-lasting.

2. Health and Well-being.

Homeopathy improves one’s overall health, rather than merely alleviating or suppressing localized symptoms. It treats the whole individual, acting on the mental, spiritual, and emotional levels as well as the physical level, providing a balance in overall health and an increased sense of well-being and quality of life.



3. Effective Medicine.

When used correctly, homeopathy is an extremely effective system of medicine, providing long lasting relief from acute and chronic conditions and illnesses alike. Homeopathy can help anyone get better, no matter what the pathology may be, even when no treatment options exist in conventional medicine.

4. No Harmful Side Effects.

Homeopathic treatment offers a gentle, non-invasive approach to health, producing no toxic side effects, no dependency or addiction, and no withdrawal.

5. Cost Effective.

Homeopathic medicines, and homeopathic medical treatment, are inexpensive. When compared to conventional medical care, the vast majority of prescription drugs, which must be refilled on an ongoing basis for any number of years, are exponentially more expensive (even for one prescription alone). Vials of homeopathic single remedies retail for less than $10 CAD, they contain about 80 pillules each, and they can provide enough medicine to last a lifetime. In classical homeopathy, no one would need to use more than one remedy at a time.

As well, Homeopathic consultations are considerably less expensive than paying out-of-pocket for a single doctor’s visit; and each consultation is more thorough and of greater length than any visit to a conventional medical doctor. The need for follow up consultations decrease as your health is fully restored.

6. Fast Acting First Aid Relief.

Any one can learn the basics of homeopathy to treat minor acute problems such as bruises, simple burns, sprains, insect bites, gastric upsets, etc. It can be used to treat first aid crises such as broken bones, concussions, sprains and strains on the playing field or anywhere else, when they occur. Effective first aid care can be learned quickly and anyone can be fully prepared to have the most commonly used first aid remedies on hand in case of emergency.  Homeopathy also makes an excellent first aid treatment plan for young children, and can even be used to effectively and safely treat influenza and other childhood diseases such as chicken pox, mumps, and measles with no side effects.  Homeopathy can drastically reduce the period of time your child would have to suffer any of these diseases, as well.   

7. Never Tested On Animals.

cruelty free

Homeopathic medicines are tested only on healthy human beings who agree to take part in remedy provings in order to determine the full range of action of a remedy substance.  There are no vivisection procedures, no battery cages in labs, and no torture involved in any provings of our medications.  There is no need for these “tests” to be done because we can find out all we need to know from Hahnemann’s proving procedures, and from these methods we know exactly how each substance affects the human body.  

8. Complementary Medicine.

Homeopathic medicines are most effective when used independently, but they can be used with conventional drugs to eliminate or lessen the side effects of conventional treatments (such as the violent nausea and tissue destruction of chemotherapy, or to quickly heal the bruising and bleeding that follows surgery). At all times, your homeopath must be made aware of the conventional medications taken (in order to distinguish the side effects of those drugs with any new symptoms associated with the homeopathic remedy you’re given). It’s best that your conventional health care providers know that you are using homeopathy as well–so choose your MD and conventional practitioners carefully! Their ignorance or closed-mindedness here will mean compromised overall health care for you.

9. Environmentally Friendly.

green medicineHomeopathy has no adverse impact on the environment. The manufacture of homeopathic remedies does not involve wasteful processes; natural resources are never depleted or endangered in the manufacturing of remedies, and water supplies and oceans are never polluted by homeopathy. Because so many of the original tinctures and triturations still provide the sources for medicines made today, there is no need for gene patents which promote genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms, and there is no toxic waste dumping involved in the manufacture of homeopathic medicines.  A small amount of potentized substance (any remedy) can make enough of that medicine to treat millions of sufferers.

10. Medicine of the Future.

Homeopathy is the second most widely-used system of medicine in the world. It is available in most countries, and is very popular in South America, much of Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand. It is second only to Traditional Chinese medicine in widespread use, but its popularity is growing in Japan and China as well. In North America, it is gaining in popularity after being heavily suppressed for almost a century; but it is quickly becoming known again as an effective, accessible, and safe alternative to conventional medicine.