Spring! And summer, too.

Trilliums in an Ontario forest photo credit: Andy Fyon

Outdoors is where everyone wants to be, as soon as the weather warms. Here are some acute care remedies to keep in your First Aid kit: Continue Reading


Autumn Chill

An iconic Group of Seven fall scene, The Pool by Tom Thomson

Every Canadian loves autumn. It’s the season after the oppressive heat, the season when things begin again, even though we can see that nature’s begun to slow things down to prepare for that regeneration. We come back from long summer breaks, we go back to work or school or projects we’ve set aside for the summer, renewed by the cooler air, the warm colours in the trees and sky, and the desire to be part of all the festivities that come with the fall. Fall fairs, Thanksgiving, Hallowe’en, glorious foliage: reasons we all want to get moving again when the air turns crisp. Continue Reading