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  1. Hi Nancy,
    I really like your comment on linkedin,we can be exchanging notes if thats ok with you my contacts details are here below.

    Dr Billy Njuguna
    fb:Billy Njuguna

  2. hi i’m a senior interestd in tissue ts for years,wondering if any help for sjogren’s,jeanrtte your site gives a lot info thank you.

    • Hi Jeanette,

      Tissue salts can be an excellent nutritional support for classical homeopathic therapy of Sjogren’s syndrome. I would advise that you seek out a classical homeopath near your for proper treatment, since you are dealing with a chronic and not an acute disease with Sjogren’s. If you need help locating a practitioner near you, please contact me via email and I will send you a referral list so that you can call and interview those who are qualified to help near you.

  3. Hi Nancy,

    I love your website…it is very informative and inviting!

    I am interested in homeopathy to help treat my five-year-old son who has severe autism, with many related difficulties associated with his diagnosis (digestive, immune, speech, balance, pica issues to name a few).

    We have tried many different therapeutic approaches, except homeopathy. Recently, a friend referred me to her sequential homeopathist (who treats her son who also has autism)…but when researching I have discovered that many parents like me who are searching for answers, are reaching out to classical homeopathists (like Pierre Fontaine who is based out of New York and has treated many children with autism with great success…have you heard of him?).

    I believe the ‘classical’ approach is the way to go (my understanding is you are different because you only give one homeopathic remedy at a time, where as sequential may give more than one at different times – I am not totally sure), but my concern is whether you have experience treating persons with autism, especially children (I did not see autism as an ailment to be circled on the patient info form) .



  4. Anita Harrison

    Hi Nancy,
    Wonderful site. Wondering if you could send me a referral list for a homeopathic practitioner near me. I live in Brampton, Ontario. Thank you. Anita

  5. katerina sofroniou

    hi, and thank you, your website is very informative.i have been interested in a natural form of overall mineral supplementation for quite some time and am wondering if cell salts can be used for nothing other than for this purpose alone…and as a permanent solution for this only? It seems to be often promoted for homeopathic therapeutic uses, but can it be used for simple mineral supplementation on a daily basis– long term-and in what doses? Or is long term use not normally recommended for such a product.
    Thank you, and i look forward to your reply.

    • Hi Katerina,

      Cell salts will give you a bioavailable source of inorganic mineral compounds (these are minerals that are necessary for our cells to function properly, but they cannot be had through our foods). If you are deficient in any one of these minerals or mineral compounds, you will know by the symptoms your body exhibits. You can then use the specific cells salts to address that deficiency, and the symptoms will resolve or stop. When that happens, you will also be able to absorb other vital nutrients from your foods much more efficiently as well.

      Because of this, the cell salts are not really nutritional supplements, like the type that you would take every day for a long period of time. You simply use the salts as they are needed, and then stop using them. If you have a particular mineral deficiency, such as a deficiency in iron, for example, you can choose an excellent supplement form of Iron to take on a daily basis AND support your body’s deeper difficulty in processing iron properly by taking the Ferrum Phos tissue salt for a number of days to help with iron absorption and processing on a level much deeper than just the nutritional one. The tissue salts correspond to specific needs in the body, and as such, they’re not recommended for long term use. But then again, once they solve the problem they’re no longer needed.

      If you are just looking for a general vitamin and mineral supplement to make up for daily nutritional shortcomings in terms of recommended daily allowances then it is best to just stick with a simple supplement form.

      Hope this is helpful!

  6. marietjie van der merwe

    Dear nancy i am a sjogren syndrome person and very optimistic on natural healing inclidingbthe ise of tissue salts. are there any spesific tissie sults that can help me? or do you have any other advise is mainly dry eyes i have currently eye virus tjat have also infected my throught. Kind regards Marietjie

    • hello Nancy
      I am gluten and dairy free do you have the salts in a no gluten dairy tablets sprays won’t do it not able to give to pets as well

      • Hi Frances,

        I don’t sell the tissue salts myself. You can find them in any good health food store. They will, however, come in the milk sugar tablet formulation.

        If you have gluten and dairy allergies or sensitivities, it would be a better option for you to seek out treatment with a classical homeopath to address the chronic disease causing those problems for you. This is a much better approach than simply trying to treat symptoms with over the counter medicines of any kind. I don’t think anyone should use tissue salts to self-treat chronic diseases at all–they’re listed on my website as an effective treatment for acute symptoms, not chronic disease. Any treatment for chronic illness should be done with ongoing care from a physician, homeopathic or otherwise. Please consider treatment with classical homeopathy with full case management care–I’m sure you will do so much better to restore your health this way.

        If you need a referral, the Australian Homeopathy Association has one you can use to find a classical homeopath near you. You can find it at:

        Good luck!

  7. Md. Nazmul Hasan

    Hi. I’m Nazmul from Bangladesh. My wife is a patient of Gallbladder stone (stone size is 12 mm, 3 months ago which was 9mm). Does it cure by homeopathy, without surgery? I found a medicine “Kent-11” in a local pharmacy for remedy of Gall Bladder stone which is a mixture of 6 Homeopathic medicines with different potency (Chelidonium, Carduus Mar, Cinchona, Lycopodium, Nux vomica, & Ignatia). Dose Homeopathic law support this kind of combination/mixture? Please, let me know.
    Thanks and kind Regards,

    • Hi there,
      The combination/mixture isn’t supported by Homeopathy. It’s strictly polypharmacy and not homeopathy, and in some rare cases, the mixtures can work. But it is impossible to provide follow up treatment and select the next needed remedy because there is no way to tell which of the remedies in the mix had the effect.

      How has your wife’s case responded? Usually you choose an appropriate remedy for each patient based on the symptoms visible in the case, as well as the symptoms felt or exhibited by the patient. If you can see a homeopathic doctor who uses Hahnemann’s methods, it would be best for your wife. But if she has had some relief from this mixture, and seems to be doing well, then I am pleased she was able to be helped.


  8. You have a informative site- I like the articles, especially about the holistic pet article !

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